Volunteer Abroad Kenya Projects

Care Centers

If you are volunteering abroad and love kids, this program is for you. Working with children is one of the most effective ways of making a lasting impact in a community. This is because children are the leaders of tomorrow and therefore whatever positive influence they can get in childhood will translate to a better future for the community.

Most of the children in developing countries like Kenya are impoverished, neglected and subjected to harsh conditions. Due to this, those who volunteer abroad can positively impact these innocent kids by just showing them love and caring for them. While this might seem like a drop in the ocean, it does play a vital role in shaping up the lives of these children and giving them hope for a better tomorrow.

Orphanage Work

Another great way to volunteer abroad is by working in an orphanage. Most of the children who are in orphanages have gone through a lot. In fact, some of them were rescued in the streets at the verge of dying. What better way to brighten up their lives than by providing them with attention and care?

Some of the placement areas in this field are homes for the elderly and special needs centers. In special needs centers, you will encounter children with special needs who have a hard time getting by. To make it worse, some communities in Kenya consider them cursed and therefore abandon them. Such kids are really in need of love, care and attention.

Environment Conservation

In Kenya, most of the natural habitat is either being destroyed or has completely been wiped out. Despite the government’s efforts, most of the people have no clue how important these habitats are. Due to this ignorance, they end up destroying most of the natural resources without thinking about the future.

If these issues touch your heart, you should consider volunteering abroad in a conservancy. By volunteering in these facilities, you will be helping to put an end to these destruction and also working to restore what has been destroyed. By giving your time and effort to a cause greater than yourself, you will undoubtedly reap more benefits both as an individual and as a community.

Medical Elective Placements

Volunteer Abroad Kenya offers various medical elective placements. Those who apply for these electives are people studying to be: dentists, midwives, doctors, physiotherapists and nurses. Due to our vast experience in working with volunteers, we will be able to attach you to a placement area that meets your requirements while still giving you the benefit of experiencing life and challenges in a developing country.

When you volunteer abroad in a developing country, you will come face to face with diseases which became extinct in the developed world. Polio is one such disease which continues to wreak havoc in the lives of some marginalized communities in Kenya. Other diseases that are particular to this region are Malaria and leprosy. Because most of the hospitals don’t have enough resources and personnel, any bit of help from well-wishers and volunteers is highly appreciated.


Sports connects people of different races, tribes and color. By volunteering abroad to teach sports, you will be indirectly teaching crucial life skills to these marginalized communities. Since most of these communities are always at war with one another, you will be helping them to attain peace.

There are even those who take part in sports volunteer abroad solely for the purpose of teaching youth about HIV/AIDS and how to prevent oneself from acquiring it. It is due to these reasons that sports is viewed as a tool for change, especially in developing countries where it is really needed.


Another area that you can choose to volunteer abroad in is HIV/AIDS work. There are a lot of people in Kenya who are suffering from this disease and they would certainly appreciate any help from volunteers.

These people are either in public hospitals or suffering in their homes. Those in hospitals cannot get enough attention as there are only so many qualified personnel who can take care of them. If the plight of these people touches you, considering volunteering abroad in a facility with a HIV/AIDS department.

At Volunteer Abroad Kenya, we have numerous programs to cater for the needs of different volunteers. If you haven’t found a suitable project in the above list, kindly contact us and we will certainly hook you up with a customized project.


High School Specials

High School Special is for those students who are volunteering abroad so as to fulfill their community service credit obligation. If you are currently studying full-time education and are between the ages of 16 to 19, you are eligible to apply for high school special with Volunteer Abroad Kenya. Depending on the duration that you want to volunteer (2-4 weeks), we will give you a quote and ensure that you make the most out of your placement in Kenya.

Simply fill the “Request a Quote” form on the sidebar or shoot us a message in the “Contact Us” page above.

Volunteer Abroad as an Intern

There are various benefits of volunteering abroad as an intern: you get to improve on your resume, acquire vital skills and valuable experience and finally aid in the development of the community you are attached to. Here at Volunteer Abroad Kenya, we are ever ready to find you an appropriate project that helps you make a lasting impression on your placement. Send us a message on the form in the sidebar of this page and we will get you started right away.

Volunteer Abroad for your Gap Year

We offer volunteer projects for those students who are in their gap year. Through us, you will be able to experience an entirely different culture in Kenya than the one you are used to. You will get to work on various projects together with other volunteers and the local community. Whether you are immersed in conservation work, helping out in an orphanage or working at a local hospital, you will be able to make a worthwhile contribution to the community and also learn vital skills in the process.

Just send us a message and we will have your sorted within no time.