I decided to volunteer abroad in Kenya so that I could get to immerse myself in a different culture while still contributing to the community. The enriching experience that I got will forever remain etched in my mind.

  • Paula Szymanski, Idaho, US.

Volunteering with Volunteer Abroad Kenya was truly life-changing for me. Coming from a developed country, I didn’t know what kind of hardships the people in less-developed countries go through. This experience truly opened my eyes. Thanks very much VAK; would definitely recommend it to everyone.

  • Fay Williams, Minnesota, US.

After volunteering in Kenya, I will always remember those innocent children in the orphanage I was working. Their smiles, even after going through hell, were definitely amazing.

  • Louise Lee, Pennsylvania, US.

The picture that I will always remember of Kenya is the gratitude that is written on the faces of those little kids when you show them you care and love them as they are!

  • Mary McCue, Loveston, UK.

Thanks Volunteer Abroad Kenya for the amazing experience! Kenya is such a wonderful country for those volunteering abroad. Will definitely come back!

  • Christian Sheean, Globe Derby Park, Australia.

I am definitely recommending Volunteer Abroad Kenya to those who want to engage in environment conservation. I got a placement where there was wanton destruction of forests and together with the community we managed to conserve what was remaining.

  • Ryder Cabena, Sydeny, Australia.

I liked my placement with VAK because it truly met my aspirations and course requirements. In addition, I loved the way they organized everything which ensured that I had peace of mind to carry out my work.

  • Alice Souza, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Although I had read somewhere that Kenyans were a friendly people, it wasn’t until I had met that I truly came to appreciate their friendliness. Everyone is so eager to help out to a foreigner. They really are an amazing people.

  • Irena Sedláková, Mohelno, Czech.

I love adventure and meeting new people. Being in Kenya gave me the best of adventure and experiencing a new culture. Love it!

  • Anders Kjeldsen, Beder, Denmark.

If you have never tasted Kenyan delicacies, you need to volunteer abroad in Kenya ASAP! Chapaties were so tasty…yummy!

  • Thomas Svendsen, Gørding, Denmark.

When volunteering abroad in Kenya, I got to live with such a great family. Even though I couldn’t understand a word about their language, they went the extra mile and translated most of their conversations to me. Highly recommend them.

  • Eddie Metz, Wisconsin, US.

Those who love wildlife and nature will love what Kenya has to offer. There are a thousand and one wildlife species that you have never come across. Truly magnificent! I love you Kenya.

Laura Briggs, Illinois, US.

My placement was in a public hospital. On my first day, I had the shock of my lifetime when I came face to face with people lying on the floor dying because there was nobody to help them. It made me realize that there are so many privileges we have back home.

  • Marie Lind, Arden, Denmark.

I loved encountering other volunteers from different countries. After interacting with them, I felt as if I had gone to their countries and back. Africa is such a wonderful place.

  • Josefien Stinissen, Emmen, Netherlands.

Volunteer abroad Kenya was amazing. They did everything they could to make my stay comfortable. Thank you Moses for always helping me out whenever I needed assistance.

  • Osmund Nesheim, Sarpsborg, Norway.

I thought going to Kenya was going to be a walk in the park. Little did I know that this experience was going to change my life. Encountering a vastly different culture opens your mind to the world and helps you to learn so much about yourself. Looking back, I greatly appreciate volunteering abroad.

  • Sandra Acres, Connecticut, US.

I had one of the best times in my life volunteering in Kenya. Kenyans are one of the most approachable and generous people I have ever come across. Definitely going back there someday…

  • Oddbjørn Reppen, Porsgrunn, Norway.

I liked everything in Kenya: from travelling in the congested matatus, to the delicacies, to the amazing people. Everything about Kenya is so enjoyable.

  • Guinevere Pennings, Meliskerke, Netherlands.

The reason why I would recommend volunteer abroad Kenya is because of their flexibility. They helped me to change my placement and to try out some new stuff. If you want to volunteer in Kenya, I definitely recommend trying them out.

  • Ida Frandsen, Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Because of all the scary things I had heard about Africa, I was at first hesitant to venture out in Kenya. I thought I would get mugged even before I had reached my destination. Little did I know that I wouldn’t have to think about security the whole time I was there. I never had even a single case of theft or harassment. Also, Volunteer Abroad Kenya did all they could to make my placement great.

  • Gabrysz Nowicki, Wrocław, Poland.

The most memorable experience I have of Kenya is interacting with the Maasai community. I got to sleep in a mud hut and to drink traditional sour milk. Now, that’s what I call an african experience!

  • Andrew McAlpine, Texas, US.

Kenyans were friendly people and I also had a great time interacting with other volunteers. We used to travel on weekends and I still remember the sight of the towering giraffes and the creepy rhinoceros. I wouldn’t exchange my 3 months in Kenya for anything in this world!

  • Declan Barrett, Westhouse, UK.

Volunteer Abroad Kenya took care of all the details from the moment I touched down to the time my placement ended. That’s why I am recommending them.

  • Nikolaj Jeppesen, Ansager, Denmark.

I had such an amazing time in Kenya both volunteering and seeking new adventures. There are so many places to visit that I couldn’t squeeze them all in my 1 month placement period. If you love travelling, meeting new people and helping out you will definitely love volunteering abroad in Kenya.

  • Samuel Fisher, Pennsylvania, US.

I volunteered for 6 months in Kenya. When I look back at this period in my life, I realize that it helped me to learn so many life skills. Surviving in a new place like Kenya calls for solving new situations on a daily basis. This helped me build on my tolerance and also greatly improved my independence.

  • Jay Todd, Grimeford Village, UK.

Being a nature lover, I liked my experience in Kenya because it gave me the best of 3 worlds. From the deserts in the northern part, to the forests and mountains in central Kenya to the beaches in the coastal region, I truly loved each and every bit of my stay there. I recommend Volunteer Abroad Kenya to anyone who cherishes nature.

  • René Fuchs, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.