Below are the founders of Volunteer Abroad Kenya and how they decided to come together with the sole purpose of connecting volunteers with the places where they would be most useful.

Sarolyne Mwendia - Director

sarolyne photoSarolyne first began out as a host family for those who were volunteering in Kenya. She had for a long time thought of ways that she could help needy children who either were orphans or with special needs.

After interacting with volunteers, she immediately identified a way that could help her cater for those needy children. Sarolyne discovered that she could look for volunteers abroad and then connect them with people and communities who were in need of their services. This way, she could reach her goal of helping needy people while at the same time helping volunteers to render useful service where it was most wanted.

Matteo Trevisan

matteoMatteo Trevisan, from Italy, first came to Kenya as a volunteer. He was shocked to see what kind of hardships and challenges children with special needs had to go through. At an orphanage and a special needs facility where he was stationed, he came face to face with children who had to endure a lot just to survive. His mind began searching for a way out for these wonderful children.

Without a light at the end of the tunnel, the future of these precious angels was definitely at stake. Coincidentally, his host family, Sarolyne, was also thinking the same thing; albeit each in their own way. Together, they made the first step of forming Volunteer Abroad Kenya where they resolved to improve the lives of those who were living in tough circumstances, unsure of whether they would live to see the next day.

Sandra Christensen

sandra kenyaSandra is a social worker in Denmark who caters for neglected children. She was in Kenya at the same time as Lene. Both of them were being hosted by Sarolyne as they volunteered in nearby placement areas and special needs facilities in Nakuru.

Coming from Denmark, one of the most peaceful countries in the world, she found it hard to believe that there were people who could go for days without eating anything. What shocked her the most was that some of these people were young kids with no parents or anybody else to look after them.

When she saw how much they appreciated any help that came their way, she made a decision there and then that she would look for other volunteers all over the world. Together with them, they would seek to uplift the conditions of these innocent children and in so doing improve their future, which was certainly bleak. She partnered with the others and together they launched Volunteer Abroad Kenya.

Jael Wyss

jaelJael, from Switzerland, came to Kenya as a volunteer. In her stay here, she saw what young children were going through and resolved that she would try as much as she could to alleviate their conditions.



Josh Rosaasen


Josh, from Canada, observed the challenges that those from poor communities go through in Kenya first hand. He found it hard to swallow the cold truth that there are sick people in Kenya who do not get attended in public hospitals due to lack of doctors.

He realized that if there were enough medical volunteers in such places, a lot more people would get treated. He therefore decided to look for other volunteers, both in Canada and elsewhere, who would offer their expertise and skills to these communities.