Why Choose Volunteer Abroad Kenya

At Volunteer Abroad Kenya, our core business is providing quality volunteer projects, internships and placements. Formed over 6 years ago, Volunteer Abroad Kenya has managed to set up over 1,000 volunteers with their ideal placement areas. In order to make sure that there are no hitches, we have hired reliable full time staff in all the destinations that we offer placements. This means that volunteers can devote their energy on their local programmes with peace of mind.

The following are just some of the elements that set us apart from other organizations.


Because of the number of years we have been in operation and the large number of volunteers we have worked with, we have gained a wide experience. This experience enables us to coordinate efficiently all those who are volunteering abroad with us and land them worthwhile projects that will make a lasting impact on the target community.

To help us in this objective, we have a reliable team that is made up of over 50 full time employees who are situated in various parts of Kenya. These staff members are experts in one area or another with most having a specialty in community development, environment conservation and education.

Wide Variety of Projects

When you volunteer with Volunteer Abroad Kenya, you are assured of getting a project that resonates with your aspirations. Our placement areas are carefully chosen to ensure that they address the expectations of those who are volunteering abroad while still delivering on long-lasting changes in the community.

To this end, we are always ready and willing to set up customized projects to both individuals and groups who are looking to try something unique. Through such projects, we are able to match your skills and goals so that you end up with a perfect placement. Unlike most other volunteer organizations, we don’t have set start dates and are thus available throughout the year.

Meaningful Projects

The whole point of volunteering abroad is to get meaningful projects which will contribute greatly to the lives of the communities while still addressing the needs of the volunteers. To attain this objective, we are continuously making improvements in regard to enhancing the volunteer experience and support.

In addition, our staff are always coming up with innovative ideas that we incorporate in our organization to better your experience. This has the twin benefit of helping us to come up with new projects which have a long-term sustainability as well as improving on the current placements.

Top-Notch Accommodation

One of the reasons why people choose to volunteer abroad is to immerse themselves in a different culture. By staying with our accommodating host families, you will have the advantage of learning about their culture first-hand. All our host families are chosen carefully to ensure that they are both supportive to the volunteers and have quality accommodation facilities.

Some of these host families are actually connected to some of our programmes. For example, you might be living with a teacher who works in the same institution that you will be teaching. Most of the rooms that you will be residing in will be modest but very comfortable. In addition, your privacy will always be respected by your host.

To guarantee your safety, the only people we choose to be your host families are those who live in secure neighborhoods. In addition, we are regularly checking up on them to make sure that they adhere to our laid down guidelines. The host family will also be responsible for your meals unless you opt to be buying your own meals. While most of the meals you encounter will be unlike what you are used to, they will always be cooked well under hygienic conditions.

We Go the Extra Mile

Here at Volunteer Abroad Kenya, we are always willing to go the extra mile for our volunteers. For example, if you are uncomfortable living with a certain host family, we will first try to see if we can resolve the issues that you are facing. Failure to make any progress, we will assign you to a new host family where you will be at peace. In addition, if the culture shock proves to be too much for you, one of our staff will have a talk with you to share his/her experiences with you and to help you cope.

We will do everything we can to make sure that you have a great volunteer experience. We really care about our volunteers and will certainly go the extra mile when necessary.