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Thinking of Volunteering Abroad? Volunteer Abroad Kenya is your perfect gateway to various Ecological and Humanitarian volunteering projects in one of the friendliest countries in Africa, Kenya. From volunteering in Schools, Orphanages, Medical Clinics, Special Needs facilities to public hospitals, we've got you covered.

why choose volunteer abroad kenya

  • 24/7 support from our full-time staff
  • Over 6 years’ experience working with international volunteers
  • Volunteer in Kenya on flexible projects and no set start dates.
  • We go the extra mile to ensure your needs are met.
  • We have taken adequate measures to ensure that your placement will be both secure and fulfilling.
  • Affordable rates

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volunteer abroad kenya projects

  • Wide variety of worthwhile projects
  • Our projects are designed in a way that will help you to make a long-term impact.
  • We create customized projects for individuals and groups.
  • Some of our popular projects include: teaching, volunteering abroad in medical clinics, orphanages, environment conservation among many others.

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  • All our volunteers are housed in clean and comfortable hostel-type or home-stay accommodation facilities.
  • Couples are provided a separate room
  • The host families are meticulously scrutinized before being chosen to ensure they meet our strict standards on comfort, security and friendliness.
  • You will be provided with quality meals cooked by the host family.

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Our Objectives:

The short-term objective of Volunteer Abroad Kenya is to first provide the immediate needs that these people need such as food and medicine. The long-term objective is to help them improve their lives by giving them an education or teaching them life skills that will help them put food on their tables and improve the lives of their communities.

In forming Volunteer Abroad Kenya,  its founders had identified key challenges that were affecting those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged in the society such as street children, orphans, special needs children and those suffering from chronic diseases. 

These are some of the challenges most people go through in Kenya:

1. There are so many children who have lost their parents through desertion, neglect or death, who don't know how it feels like to be loved. The love of a parent, a friend or a close one, though it is mostly taken for granted, is so crucial for the development and maturity of a person. 

For these children who have never enjoyed this kind of feeling, they grow up perceiving the world as a hostile place that wants nothing to do with them. When somebody gives them love and appreciation, something resonates within them and they begin to live life with a new meaning.

2. Most of the special needs children in Kenya are usually ignored by their relatives and some even considered as a curse. It is therefore left to organizations which cater for those with special needs to shelter them, provide for them and educate them. For most of the time, these organizations are stretched when it comes to teaching staff and providing professional counselling. It is not uncommon to find a whole class without a qualified teacher to teach and guide them. 

3. Those who live in the slums do not have the money to pay for education.

  • Without a proper education and plenty of time on their hands, most of these youths result to crimes and drugs. 
  • Luckily, there are organizations and churches which build schools and technical institutions for them. The only challenge is lack of trained teachers who can educate them. This means that a class of about 60 students can be taught by a single teacher throughout the year.

4. In Kenya, there are many people suffering from chronic and tropical diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Malaria.  he public hospitals that are here are usually stretched to the limit while the private hospitals are out of reach for the majority due to their high rates.  
This therefore means that those who are sick are either bedridden at their homes or congested at public hospitals and dispensaries. To cap it all, there is an acute shortage of doctors and nurses which only make things worse.

5. Of late, there has been an increase in cases of child abuse and drug usage in children. 

Volunteering Abroad

It is very sad to encounter children who have been sexually abused by those they trusted, which in most cases are their relatives. Others have been introduced to drugs and had their lives shattered by the effects.

On top of this, there are very few trained counsellors who can counsel these children and rehabilitate them.  You therefore find that even those who are trying to break free from these vices get dragged back as they don't have anybody to talk to them, show them love and guide them in the right direction.

The above are only a handful of issues that affect both young and old in Kenya. After identifying these issues, the founders of Volunteer Abroad Kenya decided to seek volunteers who would share their time, love, skills and resources to combat some of these challenges.

help out these kids by volunteering abroad

The following are the critical areas that we are seeking help:

  • Volunteers who can offer their time and love to those children who have no parents and relatives to love them. This love would make such a big difference to them as it gives them hope of a better tomorrow and comforts their troubled hearts and minds.
  • Volunteers who are skilled in handling those with special needs. Special needs children need specialized care and help. Someone who knows how to interact with them and teach them would be of great help.
  • Volunteers who are skilled in teaching. Those who are skilled in teaching and imparting knowledge, especially to young children would prove valuable to those schools which lack teachers.
  • Volunteers who are either learning or practising medicine would be an asset to people suffering from chronic and tropical tropical diseases, which are prevalent in Kenya. 
  • Volunteers who are skilled in counselling. Due to the high cases of drug usage and child abuse, those who are experts in counselling are in high demand. 
  • Volunteers who have something of value to contribute to those who are needy. 


Recent Posts

Why Everyone Should Volunteer Abroad

What is volunteering abroad? It is in essence a travel concept where people can elect a volunteering program somewhere in the world and travel to that destination for purposes of participating in a volunteering project. The experience is safe, rewarding and worthwhile to the participant and is quickly becoming a favored means of travel.

At the inception of this unique program typically it was only the wealthy that were able to engage in these activities and afford the expenses of the travel. For the longest time only those in upper classes with money participated until colleges began to offer overseas volunteering programs as part of their curriculum. In time, as is today, the majority of people who actually volunteer abroad tend to be college students doing internships for their studies.

As time passed and the concept of volunteering abroad became known and even popular, people of all classes and levels with talents and skills to offer to specific overseas projects began participating. Volunteering abroad carries with it the benefits that are twofold. Those who perform the volunteering gain a wonderful travel experience, and the rewards of helping others and making a difference in the world where those who are on the receiving end of volunteering programs gain the benefits of the skills and talents of their providers.

As volunteers you benefit by not only enhancing your resume but gaining knowledge of other cultures and the people of the country, traveling to varied destinations all across the world and making lifelong friends across the globe that will remain in your hearts and lives for always.

Though volunteering is available throughout the world and the volunteering programs are many, there seem to be three highly traveled areas of the world for volunteering; South America, Asia and Africa. One of the most visible spots in South America is Brazil which offers the volunteers opportunities to sail the Amazon, care for an orphan, mingle with Indians, and change a child’s life forever as part of your volunteer work.

In addition to these work extras the volunteer, in their leisure time, will find themselves relaxing and bathing on beautiful beaches, exploring massive jungles and abundant forests, participating in some unique outdoor activities including varied sports as well as spending quality time with their new friends in foreign countries.

With all these rewards is it any wonder that everyone would not volunteer abroad at one time or another in their lives.